Sunday, August 15, 2021

Phi Kind



As you know, I’ve been searching for options with lower carbs. And of course, algorithms picked up on this, so eventually I saw ads for Phi Kind Organics, a small company that makes low-carb chocolates with healthy, ethical ingredients (vegan and keto-friendly, but not allergy-friendly). They are sweetened with erythritol and stevia, which have a low glycemic index value. Honestly, they looked delicious, so I decided to try them! I got a sampler similar to this with five flavors of truffles: golden coconut milk, matcha ginger, almond butter cookie dough, strawberry coconut butter, and cherry almond butter. 

First, I need to admit it: I was really surprised by how small each box was! It’s not false advertising, in the sense that the product description does state a weight; it’s just that I hadn’t realized how dainty these are. That being said, they are well-packaged (albeit with a lot of plastic) and quite beautiful. 

The golden coconut milk truffles were delicious! It was just spiced enough while still being mellow.

The matcha ginger, though, was a bit overpowering, even though I love ginger. Perhaps it’s just not what I’m looking for in an evening treat? 

The almond butter cookie dough, with house-made almond butter, felt less refined, but not at all in a bad way. I didn’t really get a “cookie” vibe from this, though the almond butter filling is denser than that of the other flavors. 

The strawberry coconut butter truffles were melty at room temperature (my thermostat was set to 79 °F and the other truffles were fine). They taste really good, though I felt like the coconut butter was subduing the strawberry even while it was making the truffles extra creamy. 

As for the cherry almond butter, they were really flavorful and delicious! 

While these truffles are low in carbs, they are still a bit high in overall calories (50 per little truffle). Even if I were to dole them out in the evening while watching television, as I like to do with chocolate (instead of sneaking one during the day on occasion as I’ve been doing with these to make them last), I’d definitely be going through a whole package of four truffles in one evening, because it’s only four bites. And then they would be gone so very fast! Additionally, they are fairly expensive – even with the 10% off coupon I used, including shipping and taxes, it came out to $48.23 for 20 small truffles. The price may very well be justified based on the ingredients, but I can’t spend almost $10 on chocolate *daily*. So as much as I like them (love them, really), I don’t think that I’ll be buying them again.

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