Wednesday, June 23, 2021

May outing

[Update: Showings have been extended until July 11th!]

In May, with restrictions easing up (and all eligible members in our household fully vaccinated), we went to a production of Charlotte’s Web at the Magik Theater. It was the perfect outing in that our last fun thing pre-pandemic had been at the Magik Theater as well

This production had only six actors playing a total of 19 roles, with lots of quick costume changes, and they were fantastic! We really loved the set as well, especially the way Charlotte wrote the words in her web. Plus, because the Little Prince has read the book a few times and both kids have seen the movie, they were able to follow along easily (though it should be said that the Fox was starting to lose patience towards the end). It runs until July 3rd and I highly recommend it! 

In case you are curious, parties are seated together with at least 2 seats of space between each, and the theater is not at full capacity. Everyone wears a mask (except the actors).

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