Friday, May 15, 2020

Batch of links

- Even though things are almost back to normal in grocery stores here, there are still occasional ingredient shortages… Did you see Smitten Kitchen’s list of meals you can make from pantry staples?

- There’s also an app to figure out what to make based on the ingredients you have on hand: SuperCook.

- An interview with Samin Nosrat about her new podcast, Home Cooking.

- Four foodies to follow on Instagram and the kitchen hacks they swear by, in Parents magazine.

- I *loved* Postcards – A Love Story (which also contains prompts for writing postcards as well as ideas for displaying the ones you receive).

- I also loved this photo series, of pictures the photographer took of her parents waving goodbye every time she left their house, over decades.

- Dr. Karen Daniels is a physicist who studies the mathematics and mechanics of knitting. As this article explains, “knitting is coding and yarn is programmable”. (This article was also good.) If you’re curious, here is her favorite pattern, the Dragon of Happiness shawl.

- Interestingly, knitting was once used by spies to encode messages.

- Knitting also has physical and emotional benefits. It can help one get over digital overload. Heck, here are 46 facts about knitting. Probably the most surprising to the general population is that knitting used to be a male activity.

- I also really enjoyed this article about Yasemin Esmek, the woman who knit the sweaters for the movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. It took her nine weeks to knit the six cardigans, and now I have a bunch of questions like, How many hours a day? And how much does that gig pay? (If you want to buy a machine-made one, I think these are your best bet.)

- There was also this article about Jenn Monahan, the woman who knit some pieces for 2019’s Little Women. (And while we’re at it, here’s An Oral History of the 1994 Adaptation, because I lost track of how many times I saw it.)

- This essay titled My Appetites certainly went places I didn’t expect.

- My neighbors started a Little Free Library on their driveway during confinement. My kids like to pick up or drop off a book when we walk by, and I picked up a few magazines last week. One had this article about a program in which female inmates record themselves reading a story, and the recording is then sent to their kids.

- Finally, I really enjoyed this interview with Adriene Mishler, she of Yoga with Adriene. I love her yoga practices because she is down-to-earth and mellow, and her videos are perfect for a beginner (unlike, say, this 21-day yoga challenge with which I just couldn’t keep up). She also has practices for more advanced people, but I’m still working on basics. I actually started working out on weekdays last year, and eventually moved to a steady schedule of 3 Beach Body workouts (email me if you want my coach’s coordinates) and 2 practices of Yoga with Adriene each week, during my son’s nap after lunch. The yoga was my favorite part. Sadly, since my oldest is out of school and my youngest stopped napping at the same time, I haven’t been able to work out since mid-March, but I want to make the time for Yoga with Adriene again.

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