Friday, May 10, 2013

Batch of links

- A Mark Bittman article on a new positive approach to cooking targeted at kids, but involving the whole family. I really like the idea!

- Michael Pollan on kosher pork, or the values we associate with our food.

- Anthony Bourdain on getting foodfucked in Quebec (in the best possible way, of course).

- As you may have heard, Montreal finally raised the ban on food trucks earlier this year. However, the new rules put in place are a symbolic fuck you to poor people and immigrants. I don’t know who in government thought this would be a good idea, but they sure didn’t get my vote.

- 7 food practices that are banned in Europe but not in the States, a.k.a. 7 more reasons I wish the FDA and USDA would get their act together.

- You know how The Smoking Gun has published various artists’ tour rider, so we can make fun of their requests? Well, someone has now taken pictures of the objects in various of these riders, which makes for some interesting still lifes.

- Another article on gun control, or more specifically, the Second Amendment. While I’m not arguing it should be repealed, I would like to point out how it’s been twisted from its original purpose. This article, however, explains that no rights are absolute, and that since there are restrictions on all the other amendments, it would only make sense to impose some common-sense restrictions on the Second one, too.

- Photographer uses his iPhone to capture one photo a day of a lonely bur oak, and some are phenomenal (full gallery here).

- Why it’s awesome to be a nerd, by Wil Wheaton.

- Portaits derived from DNA from cigarette butts and gum left in public places. I find this both creepy and cool.

- Here’s one of Derren Brown’s experiements. This Brit is known mostly as a magician/mentalist, but it turns out that he actually conducts elaborate social experiments. In the link above, he examines the effect of perceived luck on behavior, which I found very interesting.

- Have some time to waste? Trust me, you’ll find time for this.


Xander and Alana (but mostly Alana) said...

Oooooh. Thanks for the Mark Bittman article! I never would have heard of that magazine otherwise, I'm sure, but now I'm going to check it out. My son is clearly a foodie in the making, and I bet he would love a magazine like that.

Amélie said...

Awesome! I'm glad it can be of use. :)