Friday, April 05, 2013

Batch of links

- I told you what 200 calories look like, so I found it interesting to compare with 2,000 calories (and sadly, I did have that fettuccini Alfredo at Olive Garden once, with Lactaid – does Lactaid have any calories?).

- I’m pretty sure I haven’t shared this before, but forgive me if I have. It’s what fruit and vegetables look like in an MRI.

- Eight Pacific island nations, collectively referred to as the Parties to the Nauru Agreement, have banded together to curb overfishing (and, to a certain extent, illegal fishing) of tuna. I wish all nations did this!

- I enjoyed Nora Ephron’s rule of four to intrigue and satisfy her dinner party guests: she would serve the usual trifecta of protein-starch-veggie, but her trick was also serving a fourth, unexpected or unusual dish that guests found memorable.

- I loved this TED Talk debunking the Paleo diet, not from a nutritional point of view but rather from an accuracy point of view.

- With all this talk lately of Sheryl Sandberg and leaning in, I found it enlightening to learn how the IRS hurts working mothers.

- Roger Ebert passed away yesterday. While this makes me sad, I had to admit that The Onion actually wrote a good tribute.

- Yesterday was also Maya Angelou’s 85th birthday. She has a new memoir coming out, and I’m looking forward to reading it! I thought you might enjoy this NBC interview.

- And finally, Hanson just came out with a new single, Get The Girl Back. It’s well within their comfort zone (as in, quite similar to music on their previous albums), but I enjoy it nonetheless. I most probably won’t be able to see any shows in person this tour, because of the tiny human growing under my shirt, but I’m looking forward to hearing the new album coming out in June!

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