Friday, April 12, 2013

Batch of links - On Pinterest and possessions

- I’ve been meaning to share this Apartment Therapy article on eliminating most clutter, but still making peace with a little mess. It reminded me of another article on roughly the same topic, Fighting the feeling of “should” (things that we feel we “should” own). It contains suggestions that I use in my everyday life, and I have to admit that Pinterest has helped with that – when I see something I really like, but can’t justify owning, I often pin it to one of my boards and feel content.

- On a related note, here are 25 items you can replace with your stand mixer (I’m still trying to justify buying the pasta-making attachments and the meat grinding/sausage stuffing ones, but don’t have the space for them).

- Here’s a New York Times article on why we love beautiful things, or more precisely, certain design proportions.

- To get back to Pinterest, I enjoyed reading this other New York Times article about the trouble with curation, because it rightly points out that Pinterest isn’t about the objects that are longed for, it’s about the feeling of longing.

- Some people experience a downside with Pinterest, though: feelings of inadequacy. I personally see the pictures and tips as something detached from myself, in the sense that I certainly don’t expect to have the time or the energy to do it all, even as a stay-at-home wife, so it’s not some standard against which I measure myself (otherwise, I’d drive myself insane). It’s just inspiration.

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