Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Purple Feather

A quick note to talk about this dessert cafe, which I visited on my recent trip to Cape Cod. The store had many, many choices that looked delicious (I was drooling over the display of red velvet cupcakes). The Engineer had one of their peanut butter cups, which was very good, if a little too rich. I tried three of their chocolate truffles. The Sex on the Beach was a little disappointing to me, because it tastes nothing like the cocktail of the same name (it was more like an orange creamsicle with white chocolate). The raspberry truffle was excellent, dark chocolate with bits of dried raspberry on top. But the best was actually something I had never tasted before: a pomegranate dark chocolate truffle, with a silver flourish on top. It was really amazing! Too bad The Purple Feather only ships to the U.S...

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