Thursday, June 25, 2009


Those of you who spend any time in the kitchen know how hard it can be to find an apron. A nice apron, that is. Most of what's offered in stores isn't appealing, and since I can't sew like my grandmother, I can't make one either. Sure, there are some online stores, but I find some of them too cutesy for my taste.

Now, however, I've got a winner. It's Domistyle! This place has some stylish and fun aprons at a reasonable price. These aprons are trully beautiful, and added bonus: they have adjustable neck straps! Also, delivery is very fast - I got mine three days after I ordered it, and one of those days was a holiday. I bought the Wild Orchid, which is black with a white design.

You can also buy Domistyle aprons in certain select stores - there is a list on the website. Unfortunately, there is no men's section yet, but there are aprons for children. There are also oven mitts and pot holders. I recommend you check out Domistyle!

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