Thursday, February 19, 2009


I was already feeling like I hadn't updated in a while. Does this mean I'm hooked to blogging? ;)

Here's a quick restaurant review: Buns, at 1855 Ste Catherine West. Yes, I am still looking for the best burger in Montreal. I must admit that I hold them up to a pretty high standard (The Works, in Ottawa, has by far the best hamburgers I’ve EVER had). The closest I’ve come so far is m:brgr, but the prices keep me from fully enjoying the food there. I’ll post a review on my website soon.

Anyway, Buns is a minimalist joint if ever there was one. There are a few chairs and tables for two, for those who insist on eating their meal on the spot. And there are only four items in the menu: hamburger, double hamburger, roasted potatoes (not fries) and soft drinks (from a fridge). All burgers come with tomato, pickle, lettuce, ketchup and mustard; you can add a slice of mozzarella cheese at no extra cost.

Taste-wise, I would say that they are good, but not extraordinarily so. The patties are probably frozen and are only cooked well-done. I personally found the burgers better than those at Mr. Steer’s, but the Engineer vehemently disagrees. I think it’s the dressing on the burgers and the bread that make them worthwhile. Also, the seasoned roasted potatoes are very good, and a nice change from the fries (which I never thought I would say).

So I basically think that those burgers are okay, and the prices are more than reasonable ($4 for a burger, including taxes). It’s a nice hole-in-the-wall, but not the best burgers I’m looking for.

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