Friday, October 06, 2017

Batch of links

- A teacher has come up with an experiment to illustrate the importance of washing one’s hands. I might have to try that with the Little Prince!

- The unlikely return of Cat Stevens left me humming Wild World for a week.

- Somewhat related: objective proof that pop music has deteriorated, and the reason why it happened.

- British and Irish aristocrats are renting out their castles on AirBnB. One or two of them are definitely calling my name!

- It turns out that Brontosaurus might still be a species after all, so I can stop saying Apatosaurus every time I encounter one in my son’s books and toys.

- Why you can’t trust yourself to match photos of strangers’ faces – and why one should refrain from “identifying” and doxxing people photographed at protests.

- This article was written two years ago, but is sadly just as relevant today: Stop talking about gun control – enforce it. And here’s one from this week, which deconstructs the two main arguments for gun ownership (self-defense and as a bulwark against tyranny). And, you know, just yesterday, this happened. So hopefully this time the government can at least pass legislation banning bump stocks, since it looks like even the NRA is on board this time.

- An ICU chaplain has devised a way for patients to request spiritual care when they can’t talk.

- Here’s an article about the TSA’s Instagram account, which shows pictures of confiscated items and answers hilarious “Can I bring that?” questions directed to @AskTSA on Twitter.

- We still don’t have an Ikea in San Antonio, so I was thrilled to hear that Ikea will start selling its products on Amazon in 2018!

- The tail end made me sad.

- But the secret to Dr. Seuss’s made-up words will make you smile again.

- The future is here.

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