Sunday, October 01, 2017

Batch of links

- Watch these food videos inspired by legendary directors and have a laugh!

- Which Bonne Maman flavor is the best? Bon Appétit ranked them, though I don’t see their chestnut spread in there… I’ll have to try some of them to see where I stand!

- Also in Bon Appétit: you can totally master crudo at home.

- We’ve been pouring juice the wrong way this whole time. (I object to the term “your whole life” used in the article, because I clearly remember the time before plastic pouring spouts became ubiquitous!)

- Halo Top announces their first non-dairy flavors, and I might have to try them all! Seriously, did you realize that Halo Top now outsells Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s? And that was before their crazy ad!

- A study suggest that you shouldn’t eat gluten-free unless you actually have celiac disease (or are gluten-sensitive, presumably). No surprise there. The study focused mostly on people who eat refined grains instead of whole grains, though, but a) you can still eat gluten without whole grains, and b) you can avoid gluten and still eat whole grains. I wonder what the repercussions would be for people with a Paleo diet, for example.

- I read a New York Times article about how Instagram lacks pictures of everyday food, and Nigella Lawson thinks Instagram is ruining comfort food. I agree on both counts, but also admit I’m the first to fall for food porn.

- Apparently, the longer you’re in a relationship with someone, the more your tastes in food converge (possibly the same way that you also start looking like your mate). I wonder if that means I’ll one day like spicy foods, or whether the Engineer will grow to like raspberries?

- We stopped leaving plastic water bottles in the car and invested in a few more metal bottles (I kept my old one, but replaced the gasket). Even metal bottles shouldn’t be left in the car, though, because of potential bacteria growth, so I just need to get back in the habit of taking it with me whenever I leave the house…

- Gobble is a meal service that promises 1-pot dinners in 15 minutes. See, that’s the kind of meal service I could go for!

- Why do we still have ethnic food aisles in grocery stores? I wonder the same thing.

- A study shows that smelling your food may help make you fat, in the sense that it primes your body to hold on to calories instead of burning them. (If you looked at the link and thought TL; DR, then try this one.) This is SO disappointing, but I’m still not ready to give up smelling my food!

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