Friday, January 13, 2017

Batch of links

- Why it’s time to give the “resting meat myth” a rest. I enjoyed this (admittedly long) article because it debunked a common myth, i.e. that one should rest a piece of meat before serving it. It also differentiated between a small piece of meat like a steak and a large piece like a roast, and explained the difference between resting meat and holding meat. While I was surprised by the findings at first, I have to say that after reading this, it made sense. I’ve always said that if there’s one thing I’d like to know more about, it’s cooking meat (and the school at which I wanted to take a class when I lived in Montreal actually only offered the meat class in Quebec City). I was raised in a household where only well-done meat was served, because we all lived in fear of bacteria, so admittedly juiciness was never an issue. I thought that people rested meat mostly to avoid a mess (especially because we tend to think that the juices spilling out are blood, which they are not), and I never actually poured those juices on top of the meat again anyway… So if my criteria were the same as they seem to be for *most* people, then resting the meat would be an obvious no-no.

- Can we all just admit that smoothie bowls are big fat lies? Well Amen, somebody else said it!

- There is now such a thing as banana milk? I wonder if that will make it to a store near me…

- I’m pretty sure I had posted this before, but it bears repeating: the difference between muesli and granola. Also, in the non-food world, I finally learned the difference between a fedora and a pork pie hat.

- The incorrect assumption most people have about healthy food. I’ve said this before, but we all need a reminder from time to time: healthy food is not necessarily expensive, and expensive food is not necessarily healthy.

- Vanity Fair published a review saying that Trump Grill could be the worst restaurant in America. Of course, Trump was quick to respond with negative tweets, but the joke was on him.

- Very worrisome: Reuter’s found lead levels higher than Flint’s in thousands of locales. It turns out that the data taken closest to our house suggest a higher-than-normal percentage of children diagnosed with lead poisoning…

- What it’s like to grocery shop below the poverty line. This is really interesting: you can enter you household income and you’ll get grocery prices equivalent to what you would pay if you were paying the same percentage of your income as families living below the poverty line.

- Is it possible to make a less allergenic peanut? It might be, eventually. Also, here’s a good resource called FARE: Food Allergy Research and Education.

- Because it’s the season: does cough syrup actually work? At this point, the Engineer and I might as well buy stock in Zarbee’s.

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