Friday, February 13, 2015

Batch of links

- 27 infographics about food and kitchen equipment. This is crammed with useful information! I’ll print out the graphic about how to care for a cast iron pan if I ever get one.

- Another useful infographic (sent in by a reader): The Dirty Dozen (Plus Clean Fifteen) Infographic. I keep meaning to print something that I could take with me when I’m grocery shopping, and this might be just the thing!

- A great article (with recipes) on how to make delicious pizza at home, on any budget.

- How to get a stuck bundt cake out of a pan.

- 10 things you should know before getting into a relationship with someone who loves food. (Is any other relationship even worthwhile?)

- California has lifted the ban on selling/buying foie gras. I have to admit I’m not sure whether this covers the production of foie gras, which I thought had also been banned, but now I’m not so sure anymore…

- The trick to making a perfect poached egg: break the egg over a sieve before lowering it into the water. I’ve never tried this, but I’ll try to remember it next time I make poached eggs!

- For parents out there: 20 healthy choices from kids’ menus in chain restaurants in the US.

- Spring cleaning for the pantry and fridge. I’ve actually done this recently, and it did a world of good!

- And finally, I meant to post this ages ago, but better late than never. Remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon? Well, here are 24 of their (insane-sounding) pizza orders in real life, and I must say some of them look quite good. Especially the tuna fish, peanut butter and grape jelly! Thanks to Foodbeast for putting so much care into this.


malt_soda said...

Kenji wrote two articles on foie gras. Not that it's something I have ever eaten or intend to eat, but he makes good arguments. His second article links to the first.

Amélie said...

Thanks for that second article! I remember reading and linking to his first - it was a great piece, and pretty much the only one that made me see that perhaps foie gras production wasn't always unethical. I'll read the second one and see what he has to say!