Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Engineer's cookies

Since I haven’t posted that many desserts lately, I figured I’d let you have a look at the Engineer’s cookies, all from Baking Illustrated. He started with sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, two kinds of chocolate chip cookies (crisp and chewy), then double-chocolate cookies and oatmeal cookies. The peanut butter cookies were fantastic, and just look at how nice his pecan sandies are! Those were delicious as well.

Then he made molasses spice cookies, glazed lemon cookies, black and white cookies, ice box cookies, sandwich cookies, glazed butter cookies (the giant Texas one and the Christmas ones), gingerbread cookies, hermits (so-called because you can leave them alone on a countertop and they’ll still be good in a week), and nut crescent cookies. Plus shortbread, rugelach, and four kinds of biscotti: lemon-anise, honey-lavender, spiced and orange-almond.

He moved on to almond macaroons (neither one of us had ever had this version of the cookie; it was a chocolate mix that was great coming out of the oven, but hardened very quickly), then coconut macaroons, meringue cookies with chocolate chips (which were wonderfully crisp, so apparently one CAN make meringues in San Antonio), and finally, lace cookies.

All that’s left now are the brownies and bar cookies, then he’s done with his project! He’s already got the next one lined up, though, so I’m looking forward to that (it will be America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook, and he plans to work his ways through the various sections on a rotating basis).

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