Monday, February 04, 2013

Cause for celebration

I suddenly got over 1,000 page views on Thursday, January 31st, and I’m still not sure why… But regardless, hello to all the new readers! I happened to look at the statistics this morning, since it’s my blogaversary – I first posted 4 years ago today. There have been two developments in late 2012 that I think were particularly noteworthy. One, I finally had the blog moved to its own domain name, and I’m only sorry I didn’t do it sooner. It’s fantastic having a good URL to which you can refer people!

The second development, I’ve been keeping under wraps for a few months. Or perhaps I should say I’ve been keeping it under my shirt… The Engineer and I are expecting a baby in July! That’s in part why recipe updates have been a bit slow. You see, even when I liked a recipe, sometimes looking at pictures of it a week or two later made me a little queasy, and I had to write posts in several sittings. That Thanksgiving one nearly killed me! Plus, there were many weeks when I could not, for the life of me, think of what I would like to eat. I ended up digging through my blog archives more than my pile of recipes to try, for things that were fresh and not too heavy. (I want sushi, except I can’t have sushi, or miso soup, except I’m cutting way back on soy.) Brothy soups are awesome, people! And plain pasta, with maybe a little margarine or parmesan on top. Not to forget salads. But that’s usually not exciting enough for the blog! Plus, I pretty much lost my sweet tooth for a while, preferring lemon sorbet and Nilla wafers to any cupcake or chocolate chip cookie, which is obviously very unlike me. Now that I’m in the second trimester, though, I am starting to feel a little better.

Last night was actually the first time that I started showing a little (it could have been the shirt I was wearing or the way I was standing, but the Engineer and I noticed it several times in the evening). That being said, we notice it because we know I’m pregnant, but someone who doesn’t know me could still legitimately think it’s a burrito baby and nothing else. The fetus is supposed to be roughly the size of an avocado right now. I just love those websites that compare its size too that of produce! (For a list geared towards men and their stereotypical frame of reference instead, click here!) It was amazing how fast it went from a poppy seed to an apple seed to a blueberry. But it is, in fact, headed for the size of a melon, which I then have to push out of my lady garden, so that’s another story.

I want to reassure some of you who are bound to ask: I do not intend for this to turn into a mommy blog. I mean, obviously pregnancy and motherhood will affect even the food portion of it, as there are now a lot of foods that I either avoid entirely or cut back on (so you won’t see tofu or wine sauces for a while), and I will eventually have to talk about meals that freeze well or meals that you can prepare really quickly with a baby on one hip. There will also probably be a lull in late summer, as I adjust to the new addition. I will write posts related to babies or children or parenting once in a while, as there has always been a “slice of life” component to this blog, but really, the focus will still be on food, not babies.


Sylvie said...

Félicitations pour les deux... mais surtout pour le bébé.

Amélie said...

Merci! :)