Friday, July 06, 2012

Batch of links

- Have you ever wondered how blind people cook? Here’s a good article by the BBC tackling the subject. There’s more to it than relying on taste and smell!

- Did you know there’s a way to fix fishy-smelling fish and seafood?

- Now that people are barbecuing more for the summer, I really want a spiral-cut hot dog!

- I’d always thought it was somewhat odd that the 12-step program, the one most commonly used to treat addiction, is somewhat based on religion, or at least monotheistic spirituality, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But what’s more disturbing is the fact that addiction treatment in America isn’t even based on scientific facts. If it were any other disease, there’s no way this treatment would be accepted as mainstream, so why is addiction any different in this day and age?

- Why kids with known food allergies are still at risk: This Time article gives a lot of interesting statistics, like the fact that of kids with known food allergies who have a reaction in a given year, 11% of those reactions were caused on purpose by parents who wanted to see if the allergy had disappeared. The article goes on to state that parents were only responsible for about half of reactions (accidental or not), which suggests that other caregivers like grand-parents or babysitters are responsible for the rest and need to be better educated about food allergies. While I agree that’s true, it still means that parents cause half of reactions, so they need to be better educated as well! Especially those who think it’s safe to just give their child a known allergen to see what happens. There also needs to be better education about the symptoms of anaphylaxis, since an Epipen was administered by parents or caregivers to only 30% of children experiencing it!

- Stately Sandwiches: The author looks up food trends in each state before coming up with an “official” sandwich and photographing it. Only a dozen states are up so far, but the work is ongoing. Texas’ sandwich? Brisket, of course!

- Cherry production is down 70% this year… I may have to wait to bake all those cherry recipes.

- And we finally have the first global standards for salmon farming.

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