Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday paper

I wanted to share two articles I read in today’s Quebec edition of The Globe and Mail. The first article is titled A cure for the common hospital meal and is about how one Ontario hospital is trying to replace its pre-packaged, reheated meals with home-cooked meals while staying within budget. I find this particularly interesting in the context of a hospital, because hospital food in general can be so bad that it’s become a joke. And yet, a hospital is the place where serving good, healthy food is the most important: sick people need healthy food, period. Hopefully, more hospitals will follow suit!

The second article, Thelma & Louise would blush, was about the place of women in movies today. It reminded me of the Bechdel test for women in movies. Thelma & Louise came out 20 years ago, and yet we still don’t have many movies starring women. This summer seems to be different, with Bridesmaids, a movie written by and starring women, but directed and produced by men (and it’s really funny for male and female audience members alike). So I enjoyed this article as a reflection on both the low number of movies starring women as well as the type of movies that do.

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