Thursday, June 16, 2011

Isobel's Cupcakes & Cookies

I just paid a visit to Isobel’s Cupcakes & Cookies, the self-proclaimed first cupcake shop in Ottawa. I’m very happy to report that they are 100% nut-free! I walked over there this afternoon, despite the heat, all for a cupcake. They aren’t making their red velvet flavour during the summer months, so I tried the key lime with white chocolate frosting, but there are about a dozen flavours there at any time. (Other flavours that looked interesting today were the strawberry shortcake, the lemon curd and the chocolate orange.) I had the cupcake to go, in a convenient plastic container. When I ate it at home, the frosting wasn’t quite the right consistency; I found it too soft, but I believe that’s because I walked with it in the heat instead of eating it on the spot. I also think there’s a little too much frosting on a single cake for my taste. The cake itself, though, was fabulous! Great flavours, moist crumb, and very well priced ($2.25 each, meaning $2.63 with taxes). I loved it! I won’t get the chance to go there often, since I don’t think I’ll be in Ottawa much more than once a year, but it’s definitely worth the pit stop if you’re in town.


Anonymous said...

And to believe I was in Ottawa a couple weeks ago and didn't even know about that place!
Next time I go, I will definitely stop there. It sounds like they serve better cupcakes than Chocola, the only other nut-free place I know of.

Amélie said...

Oh yes, they're definitely better than at Cho'cola! That place is overrated - I get that it's the only one in Montreal offering nut-free cupcakes, and the cakes are beautiful, but frankly, they just don't taste as good as they look. Do try Isobel's next time!