Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Montreal is not a food desert

I’ve often complained about the severe limitations of my local Metro grocery store in Montreal. Not about Montreal at large, mind you, and not even about Metro stores in general, but just about that store in particular. Of course, since it’s my local store, that’s where I end up going most often, so it just seems like I can’t find anything here. But recently, the Engineer and I did our weekly run at the IGA at Cavendish Mall (shopping there is now possible thanks to the modern wonders of car ownership). It turns out that this particular IGA is extremely well-stocked, no doubt thanks in part to the Jewish customers it serves. There’s a wide selection of Bob’s Red Mill flours, and they carry several kinds each of Tofutti’s cream cheese and sour cream substitutes, which is to say more than I’ve seen even in the States. If you live in Montreal and want to make things like a lemon cloud, vegan cheesecake or vegan sour cream frosting, you should really check out the IGA at Cavendish Mall if you have trouble finding certain ingredients! And I’m still planning a trip to Jean Talon Market to find more specialty items to bring back to Texas, I’ll let you know how that goes.

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