Sunday, May 07, 2023

Keto cereal

I am not sure whether I said it on this blog, even in passing, but I’d been having a very hard time finding a low-carb breakfast cereal that didn’t taste like sawdust and that wasn’t overly crunchy. Well, now I’ve found a few! First, I was pleasantly surprised by Catalina Crunch low-carb cereal. I only tried the peanut butter chocolate flavor so far. Despite the name, the cereal wasn’t too crunchy, it didn’t turn to sawdust in my mouth, and the flavor was pleasant! I’ll probably try other flavors, and I’d love to try their cookies as well. The downside is that these are a bit expensive, at $10 a bag/box. 

I also enjoyed Ketola Crunch dark chocolate chip and nut granola, which has seeds instead of grains (so, more protein and fewer carbs). This granola was pretty good! 

My favorite keto granola, however, is Inno Foods Keto Grain-Free Granola, which only seems available in Canada. It has coconut, various nuts and seeds, along with cinnamon. (The closest thing I can find in the U.S. is their clusters, though it looks like they have another flavor of granola.) I’ve brought a few bags back from Canada and like putting it in the rotation once in a while!

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