Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Batch of links

- There’s a new skin patch that shows promise in helping kids with a peanut allergy

- Turns out I’ll have to lay off erythritol. Bummer. 

- In the 1930s, some Italians wanted to abandon pasta. Good thing that didn’t last! 

- I’ve been reading more of Virginia Sole-Smith’s writing, such as this piece about the whole Ozempic thing (of which I was peripherally aware through PCOS groups) and this one about kids, weight, and healthy eating), but the one I really want to recommend right now is Underwear Science – Has anyone who designs underwear ever looked at a fat person?. I’ve felt this as an average-size woman, so I can only imagine what it’s like in a bigger body! 

- I love that I got to travel a lot as a kid, but this article about Suzanne Heywood’s round-the-world sailing trip made me grateful I have responsible parents! 

- Did you know Netflix has secret codes?

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