Friday, February 21, 2020

Batch of links

- A step-by-step way to double the number of vegetables your kid likes (because sometimes we need concrete examples).

- There was talk of pills for people who can’t digest gluten; one was made from antibodies from egg yolks, another from enzymes from carnivorous plants. And there’s a potential vaccine. It’s always hard to tell how long until any of that is available to the general public, though. (And here’s an overview of celiac disease if you want a refresher.)

- Meanwhile, the FDA has approved a drug to treat peanut allergy in children. It’s not a cure, but it would help reduce the risk of a reaction in the case of accidental exposure. If it’s the same drug that was tested here, it helps about 65% of patients.

- A great video about the fake “kitchen hacks” with [m]illions of views.

- Not food-related, but this article appeared in Texas Journey a while back. The author, Edmund Tijerina, explains that when he moved to San Antonio, strangers were pronouncing his name properly for the first time, and it made him feel seen. “Simply living in a city that said my name correctly deepened my pride in my family and my heritage. [The] city has given me a beautiful gift: pride in saying my name.” And it occurred to me that with my French name, I am having the *complete opposite* experience in San Antonio.

- Finally, I listened to a two-part episode of the Citrus Love podcast featuring Juliette Brun (here are Part 1 and Part 2). It’s about how she balances building and running her own business with being a mother of 5 kids (spoiler: her husband is an awesome co-parent). I found it so interesting, and it’s full of gems like “You shouldn’t tell your kids to only do what they love.” Consider listening if you have time. If not, there’s also this article on the same topic that I never got around to posting. And if I were feeling particularly crafty, I’d use her tutorial below to make marshmallow cheese and chocolate mice, which are absolutely adorable! I’m assuming one can buy glucose online…

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