Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Batch of links

- Which pumpkin pie should you make for Thanksgiving? A blogger reviewed 12 recipes and ranked them so I didn’t have to. From my blog, though, I’d recommend pumpkin chiffon pie and this traditional-style pumpkin pie.

- Bon Appétit had a cool article in the Thanksgiving issue: it’s an interview with three Indigenous chefs about what Thanksgiving means to them.

- A very interesting article on what cookbook authors get paid. Some publishing houses now aren’t even offering advances, which is outrageous when you consider how expensive and time-consuming it is to create recipes!

- I’m often pleasantly surprised by Parents magazine. Recently, they had an article abut essential oils, and before I could shake my scientific fist at them, they stated that while they had started the article with the intention of creating a guide explaining which oil to use for which ailment, as they were doing research, they actually realized that a) most essential oils are not proven to cure anything, and b) essential oils can actually be quite dangerous. So the article turned into a warning instead.

- Parents also had this article with the results of the latest scientific studies in 8 areas of interest (like whether probiotics can help with colic or the benefits of the HPV vaccine).

- The Little Prince and I used an app that let us move throughout the International Space Station. Here’s what they have in the kitchen area.

- Weeknight dinners around the world. Including Texas!

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