Friday, April 12, 2019

Batch of links

- I read this great article about Nanaimo bars last week, so of course I just had to make Nanaimo bars this week with the ubiquitous tub of Bird’s custard powder.

- Related: how to fix melted chocolate that has seized.

- How to prevent hot milk from sticking to the pan (I would not have guessed that just water makes a difference).

- How to prevent beets from staining your cutting board (same basic principle).

- The difference between fudgy, chewy and cakey brownies – I’m camp chewy myself.

- I am adding pink celery to my imaginary garden!

- Next time I see chickpea butter, I’ll have to buy some to try it out – it might be especially good for school lunches!

- An elementary school in Indiana is turning leftover cafeteria food into meals for kids in need (and by “leftover”, I mean prepared-but-not-served). Awesome initiative that limits waste while also doing good!

- Café Ohlone, in Berkley, is serving only indigenous foods.

- The bitter truth about taste buds, genes and flavor.

- Ever notice how when women follow a weird diet, they have an eating disorder, but when men do it, it’s “biohacking”?

- And an essay by chef Amanda Cohen (of Dirt Candy) on how female chefs are expected to stay thin while male chefs are expected to let loose and enjoy the food.

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