Friday, May 26, 2017

Batch of links

- Ramadan etiquette guide: 10 tips for people who aren’t Muslim (pretty self-explanatory).

- A map of popular brunch foods in every state, though “the roundup isn't top brunch foods by volume, but what people in each state like proportionally more than those in other states.” Apparently, people in Texas like stuffed avocado.

- Ten food items that need to rethink their packaging. YES!

- One more reason to consider switching to full-fat dairy. I’m looking at you, Dad.

- It turns out that salty foods don’t actually make you thirsty. My whole life is a lie!

- Protein 101, as well as 10 ways to eat your daily protein (it’s less than you’d think) and 10 vegetarian ways to eat your daily protein.

- Bon Appétit had an article about the history of Maldon salt that was very interesting!

- Remember my batch of links about meal kits? The Kitchn did an actual dollar-to-dollar comparison with groceries for three different services.

- Have you ever seen Jacques Pépin debone a chicken? It is a thing of beauty.

- (Not food-related.) Reclaiming “Jew”: an article about the fact that using “Jew” as a noun is often seen as a slur, even though it is correct, while the adjective “Jewish” is seen as polite.

- (Also not food-related.) Math problems for English majors and math problems for parents, because they’re too funny!

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