Friday, May 20, 2016

Batch of links

- BBC Food will close its digital platform, so I checked my bookmarks and printed the recipe I had saved online.

- The 15 most common counterfeit foods – and how to identify them. I must admit I’ve had trouble finding good honey lately…

- An interesting NPR article titled What is “natural” food? A riddle wrapped up in notions of good and evil. The FDA asked for the general public’s help to define the term “natural” so that they could come up with a legal definition for packaging. I’m really curious to see how that turns out! Next up, the FDA want to define “healthy”.

- Why does chocolate cost so much? A good explanation by Bon Appétit.

- Why does spicy food taste hot? A scientific explanation.

- The five rules of Tex-Mex, according to the Homesick Texan.

- What happens when a Japanese woodblock artist depicts life in London in 1866, despite never having set foot there.

- Apparently, Montreal’s Mile End is the coolest neighborhood in the world.

- Also, Town & Country magazine named Montreal as the food capital of North America.

- Public service announcement: Apple Music deletes your personal files from your internal hard drive as part of its NORMAL operation.

- Finally, two links about so-called female empowerment. I hadn’t quite been able to put into words my unease with what passes as female empowerment these days, which really is more about marketing than empowerment. These articles explain it well, though: From shopping to naked selfies: how “empowerment” lost its meaning, and Beyoncé is destroying your daughter, not empowering her.

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