Friday, January 25, 2013

Batch of links

- How to increase your tolerance to spicy heat. I’ve tried a few of these tips, but I still prefer mild foods (I mean, spices are great, but I don’t enjoy heat). By the way, did you know that peppers developed capsaicin so that they wouldn’t be eaten?

- Why organic produce can still contain commercially manufactured pesticides. Disappointing, but true. You never really know unless you talk to the people who grew the food…

- Did you know you can get a tax write-off for being gluten-free?

- How to take food pictures in restaurants without annoying everyone. I very rarely take pictures in restaurants, for the simple reason that I usually don’t have my camera with me (and our cellphone doesn’t take pictures), but I must admit that even I know better than to use a flash!

- How to stock a healthier pantry at Whole Foods for $99. It can be done!

- Looking for recipes following the theme of your favorite television show? Try the well-rated True Blood cookbook, with over 80 recipes inspired by Merlotte’s and Fangtasia. If you prefer medieval to Southern, you’re in luck: A Feast of Ice & Fire, a well-researched cookbook based on Game of Thrones, has a five-star rating on Amazon (more on it here). Plus, GoT beer will be out in time for the season premiere this spring. Even with no recipes, fans of Doctor Who can make their own fish sticks and custard, and if you prefer The Walking Dead, well… Eat beans straight from the can and round it out with a handful of dandelion greens.

- Why did no one think of this sooner? A silicone liner for 9-inch cake pans. I love it! Also, why don’t all cake pans have cutter bars? They’re brilliant!

- Is it still OK to eat quinoa? While I’m aware of the problems of quinoa culture, as well as the upsides, I’m going to continue eating it, though I must admit that the brand most often stocked by our local grocery store is certified fair trade anyway.

- Tips for eating away from home when you have food allergies.

- A woman drove 900 miles out of her way after a GPS error. Let’s face it: if you follow your GPS that blindly, you’re not paying attention.

- 10 most annoying concert behaviors. Number 10 still frustrates me, but I’m good for numbers 1 through 9. :)

- An interesting article titled My husband wants a gun even though our son is on psychiatric meds. While I believe that fixing the problem of mass shootings in the US must involve changing the gun culture and getting people better access to mental health care, I do believe that in the short term, something has to be done about the guns themselves. It seems really basic to me to deny a gun permit to someone who lives in the same household as a young man who is psychologically unstable and has violent outbursts, no?

- Finally, a fascinating article on how the biggest factor in criminal behavior could be lead. There are always other factors, of course, and other things to do to reduce crime besides eliminate lead, but I have to admit that after reading the article, I find the theory convincing!

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