Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The good, the bad, the Glutino

I recently tried a Glutino pizza. Glutino is a brand that makes gluten-free food. This particular pizza therefore had a gluten-free crust (made of brown rice flour), but it happened to be dairy-free as well, which meant I could eat it without worrying about lactose. I had high hopes, because Gluten-Free Girl has recommended some of their products.

It turns out that the crust was excellent. Gluten or not, it was really good. The rest of the pizza, however... First of all, it doesn’t look like the picture on the package at all. What kind of a sad cheese imitation is that? Is Amy’s the only one to have mastered soy cheese?

Even baked, it didn’t improve. And the topping on that pie was... awful. I really didn’t enjoy it. Which is too bad, because the crust was great! I’m sure Glutino has other pizzas that are better, and their products such as bread must be good, since Gluten-Free Girl loved them. But this particular spinach pizza is not one I’ll be buying again, that’s for sure. If I ever buy one of Glutino’s pizzas again, I’ll stick with the dairy ones and take Lactaid.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god!
That looks disgusting! Did white worms end up getting into the freezer?
I don't even know how I'd be able to eat that.

Amélie said...

To be perfectly honest, it was disgusting. I only finished it because I had decided that was my lunch, period, and I like finishing what I start.

But it's really funny, because you'd think that making a good gluten-free crust is the hard part, right? And they aced that, so... Where's the problem?

The Engineer said...

That is indeed the ugliest pizza I have ever seen. It's like the dog that wins the Guinness ugliest dog contest. I don't think I would even take money to eat that.