Friday, March 24, 2023

Waffle Omelette


I really had my doubts when I saw this recipe – will it work? Will it just stick to the waffle iron and make me question my life choices? Well, this waffle omelette totally works! I used cheese and ham as filling, but I’d add vegetables next time. I also ended up using a third egg when I doubted my egg-to-filling ratio, but am not sure it was necessary. I really liked this! 

2 eggs, beaten 
fillings/toppings of your choice 
salt and pepper, to taste 

In a medium bowl, add the beaten eggs, any of your favorite toppings, salt, and pepper. Mix well. 

Grease a waffle iron with nonstick spray. Add the egg mixture and cook according to machine instructions to until the eggs are fully set and slightly browned, 2 minutes. 

Remove the egg from the waffle iron and serve.

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