Monday, March 06, 2023



This post wasn’t really planned, but I decided to tell you about JUST Egg. I first had it at a local vegan restaurant called Plantology, where I was really pleasantly surprised. It was a vegan substitute for eggs prepared omelet-style, and I couldn’t tell it wasn’t actually eggs. It looked the same, had the same texture, and tasted the same. 

JUST Egg is vegan, made from plants (mostly mung beans); it contains no saturated fat or cholesterol, and has an amount of protein comparable to eggs. It contains natural color (carrot and turmeric) and the one I bought was free of major allergens (check the label for different products by the brand, as that can change). I assume the “just” comes from “justice,” as it would be cruelty-free and probably more sustainable than real eggs. 

I ended up buying a container of JUST Egg at the store and had some for lunch. I cooked them simply, like I would scrambled eggs, though there are also recipes on their website. It basically cooks up like real eggs and can be used in baked goods as well. 

When I ate the scrambled “eggs” plain, they had a faint vegetal taste that was not unpleasant, but if you’re trying to really fool yourself, add seasonings or lactose-free shredded cheese. I think this is a great alternative for vegans, flexitarians, and curious foodies alike.

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