Saturday, July 11, 2020

Chocolate Cereal Smoothie

It’s super hot in Texas, it’s super hot in Quebec, so how about a nice cold drink today? If you want to go with something huge and decadent, let me recommend making caramel milkshakes (just use lactose-free vanilla ice cream and lactose-free milk and you’re all set). But for something smaller, that kids should love, try this chocolate cereal smoothie. I say “should” because, full disclosure, the Fox is 3 years old and has started refusing some foods that look new, even though he would obviously love them, and he just would not taste this even though he likes each of the components. The rest of us loved it!

For the cereal, I recommend the 2.3-ounce format of Cocoa Krispies, as you’ll need one container and that’s it. (Otherwise, the giant box will still get eaten in our house, and it’s a nice treat, but not something that we keep on hand.) As for the whipped topping, did you know that Reddi Wip makes not one, but two non-dairy flavors now? There’s an almond-based one and a coconut-based one, and I recommend either (or both, depending on how you look at it). Note that you can also decorate the rim of the glasses by dipping them in honey, then in chocolate sprinkles, if desired. Sprinkles would also be great to top the smoothie!

2 cups chocolate cereal, such as Cocoa Krispies 
2 cups lactose-free milk 
1 frozen banana 
6 oz. lactose-free vanilla yogurt 
lactose-free whipped topping (see note above) 
fruit, to decorate (optional)

Combine the cereal and milk in a mixing bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and let soak in the refrigerator for up to 2 hours, or until the milk tastes like the cereal.

Add cereal and milk mixture, frozen banana, and 6 oz. and yogurt to a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour smoothie into each glass. Add whipped topping to each glass and serve with fruit, if desired.

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