Friday, October 28, 2016

Batch of links

- Better post this while it’s still relevant: When Hillary Clinton’s emails were leaked this month, it turns out there was important culinary information in there. You can’t rush a good risotto.

- A very interesting article titled A Plea for Culinary Modernism. The apt subtitle is “The obsession with eating natural and artisanal is ahistorical. We should demand more high-quality industrial food.”

- On a slightly related note, The Pie that won WWII is an interesting read.

- Also, The Depression Radically Changed the Way Americans Ate.

- There is now a sixth taste, which explains why we like carbs so much. And it also makes me wonder why we thought there were only four tastes for so long…

- There’s now potato-based vegan cheese!

- A ranking of the most (and least) vegetarian-friendly cities in America. Not surprisingly, San Antonio is near the bottom, but who would have thought that Santa Fe would come out on top? I’m really impressed by all the data points in this article.

- I heard about a new-to-me vegan chain called Veggie Grill, and it’s expanding! Let’s see if it makes it out of Southern California…

- Montreal has a zero-waste grocery store now – it’s called Méga Vrac.

- Inside the New York Library’s last, secret apartments made me want one of those places!

- Ever wondered what happens to unclaimed airline luggage in the US? Chances are, it ends up at a thrift store in Atlanta.

- A card with a hand-drawn map instead of an address was correctly delivered in Iceland. I love stories like these! It always reminds me of the time a cousin sent a letter to my grandmother using only her first name and the name of her street, in addition to the village and province (no postal code). It got to her that time, but the Canada Post employee won’t stand for such nonsense anymore.

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