Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Treats

I don't like most of the chocolate bunnies one finds in stores for Easter. They are made of really poor-quality chocolate (some experts say they don't even qualify as chocolate, since their cocoa content is so low). To me, they taste like wax.

So that's why I was happy to see that this year again, Lindt made their chocolate bunnies (in milk chocolate and dark chocolate). This is a wonderful alternative, because you still satisfy your urge to follow tradition by buying a chocolate bunny, but you can do so while having quality chocolate.

Also, if you like chocolate eggs, but are looking for a grown-up version, here they are: Green & Black's Praline-Filled Mini Eggs, made with dark (70%) organic chocolate. I absolutely love them! If you go in search of chocolate today, you might find all of these on sale, too - who says you can't have chocolate eggs after Easter?

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