Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Zotter Chocolate

I tried some chocolates from Zotter Chocolate a few months ago, and I went back for more. They are an organic, fair-trade, bean-to-bar company and they have a lot of options that are vegan (ergo, lactose-free) and/or low-sugar. 

Their classic dark chocolate was really, really good. A great flavor, and very smooth – that is clearly quality stuff! 

The fruit-sweetened chocolate was too bitter for me, but I liked the maple sugar one. I also tried their candied ginger in coconut couverture, which was delightful, though I wouldn’t call it chocolate. Still good! 

For Christmas, I tried a few seasonal bars: coconut marzipan (in which the coconut was a bit too flaky for me); a tangerine, matcha and coconut bar (which was delightful); and holiday cheer, which was a cranberry ganache covered in dark chocolate. I loved that one! I also got a raspberry-coconut candy bar, which was made with vegan white chocolate and dried fruit powder. It was very pink and had a bright fruity flavor, which was sweet but not overpoweringly so. 

All in all, I really enjoy Zotter chocolates!

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