Friday, June 30, 2017

Batch of links for Canada Day

- Canada is turning 150 this weekend, and I enjoyed this article titled Canada doesn’t know how to party.

- Poutine is basically a national dish for us (though it might be cultural appropriation outside Quebec), but Boston is doing horrific things to it. America just can’t get it right.

- Ikea’s new Cook This Page posters are pretty neat! Only in Canada so far. (Oh, and speaking of Ikea: don’t take their metal bowl into the sun.)

- News from last summer that becomes relevant again with grilling season: Canadian surgeons recommend throwing away your wire bristle brushes, and you shouldn’t wrap your food in aluminum foil before cooking it. Bummer. (For what it’s worth, this brush is supposed to be really good.)

- Not everyone think Tim Hortons should be a national institution.

- And an interview with Jay Baruchel on the Habs’ website.

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